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Hotel Indigo Duesseldorf - Victoriaplatz

2층에 150개의 다양한 상점과 카페가 있는 넓은 유리 지붕의 실내 쇼핑몰입니다.

Kaiserswerther Str. 20, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany
📞 +49 211 49990

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호텔 인디고 드셀도르프 - 빅토리아플라츠는 그리스 신화에서 영감을 얻은 인테리어 디자인과 예술 전시로 가득합니다. 전시회는 미국, 유럽, 아시아 등 다양한 나라의 예술과 디자인 작품을 소개합니다. 이곳에서는 예술과 디자인의 역사를 엿볼 수 있습니다.

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855 리뷰

A very huge shopping mall near the railway station of Hannover. Very close to the tram and bus stops. A great variety of miscellaneous shops containing clothes, shoes, sportswear, children's sections, and so on. Big Starbucks inside this one. Now it is very prettily decorated for the upcoming Christmas and on Saturday there was a life music.


A big enough shopping center right at the main station. If you connect in Hannover by train it's perfect to spend some time as you find decent eateries and good shops. It is also worth a stop when you are doing your "normal" shopping day in Hannover, as it offers some speciality stores. Parking is excellent, however, a bit difficult to reach. It is easier to use public transport or just walk. Sadly, there are some empty shops.


Clean mall with a large variety of shops and stores. Everything was well staffed and running well. It's hard to find a seat as we could not find any public areas to eat. All tables were only usable by certain restaurants.