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Museum of National History and Archeology

고고학 유물 및 가이드 투어를 제공하는 웅장하고 역사적인 건물에 박물관을 설립했습니다.

Constanța 900178, Romania
📞 +40 241 618 763


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1977 리뷰

A place to visit, discover, think of and enjoy not for one day. From the very start of Tomis. Great much information. With great thanks to those, who established. I visited this museum three times. And today I enjoyed the exhibition of works of mosaics too. Opened recently. Great! The works and creations to be watched and admired once more and more. The icons, images and pictures ( May be, not just pictures, but very interesting and beautiful. Greatest thanks for those, who created all these wonders and organized it. Thanks to museum I deepened my knowledge in a lot of things and points. I deepened my knowledge of history of ancient world, of how people lived and travelled... And, the best 4,5 or 6D travells will never sibstitute the real one. And, still, in front of my eyes are images If Jesus Christ, Our Lady, Saints and Angels made of mosaics... Great, profound, educative and accomplished! Greatest thanks to all those who established this museum, enriches it and takes care of! contributed to and keep the museum. GREAT!!!!!


Very good impressed. I enjoyed the time spent in the museum a lot. It is a very good place to spend time in Constanța when is cold outside, also with the kids. A new exibition about the recent history before 1989, at rhe 2nd floor wrecked me, especially a posters exibit dedicated to the disidents.


The architecture is marvelous, just standing and looking on every details. Alas, didn’t have a chance to go inside, but outside it still fascinating